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Velero Solitude

In Los Roques ones it exists kind of an urban model to continue, for that reason all their inns conserve the wildness in their decoration and construction, all respect certain architectural style that gives visual order to Los Roques town of the Great one, area where they are located. So there the guests won't find big hotel corporations, neither conditioned air, neither hot water; however, yes there is an impeccable natural paradise where the ecological tourism, and its residents emblem is imposed how to take care of it and to take advantage of it to the maximum. 

Another in the ways of spending the night in Los Roques ones is very well in comfortable sailing ships and crafts equipped with all the comfort of a hotel, and with the advantage of being able to enjoy the sea at all times; also, they give the easiness of traveling the keys of the area Crasquí, key of Water, island Agustín, Francisquí and Madrizqui, one different every day. 

To stay in a sailing ship of these it is an unforgettable experience, especially because their hosts are wise people in the art of assisting passengers on board, many of them left their life in earth and they changed it for the sea. 

Next some options for which it can decide. 

-the song of the whale 

This is one of the most complete places that offers services in Los Roques ones, because besides the lodging and, it is also had another of the same owners called Ranchito Pawer; they also possess restaurant and bar. Her owner, Nelly, is one of better known people in the Great one Asleep, besides excellent hostess; in both inns they offer the three foods, and the transfers to the beach. 

- Tropicana 

Here there are four rooms with private bathroom. One of the most spectacular details is the terrace, where the foods are served. They have diverse plans, the best thing is to consult; but the complete package for two day and one night

- Key Moon 

This is one of the most economic inns and that at the same time offers a good service. They have six simple rooms, very well taken care. The complete package with the three foods, the walks, the attention in the beach, for two days and one night is of 

- The Quigua 

Of simple decoration but with details very well cares, this inn offers six rooms distributed among simple, bend and triple, with roof fan and private bathroom. The package includes breakfast, it digs for the beach, cocktails with national drinks, it has dinner and walks in peñero to a different island every day, with awnings and seats. The rates go from 95 to 135 dollars. also has facilities for the snorkeling practice, fishes handmade and sport. For the reservations to communicate with Alessandra Harth 

- Macanao Lodge 

In full entrance to the Great one Asleep this inn of wide corridors is located and with 10 rooms, very well conditioned, with view to the sea and private bathroom. Her owner, Marilena Prisco, takes charge of the attention of the guests for who prepares all the foods, transfers to the beach, awnings and seats. The prices vary according to the season, drop or high, but they oscillate between 160 and 200 dollars for person, for two days and one night. 

- The blue paradise 

This inn is located to the other end of the town contrary to the beach. It possesses eight rooms, but very well combined and distributed, because they could harbor up to 22 people. The place is of wide open spaces, the house is designed under the concept of differences and several floors. The offer is presented under two options: a half pension with breakfast, has dinner and lodging for 70 dollars for person per night. And the complete pension that adds to the previous offer the lunch for the beach and the walks to the same ones. 

- Moved 

The decoration is rather of mediterranean style, with many targets and some details in stone and natural elements that print to the atmosphere certain freshness and simplicity together with the internal garden. Here has four rooms with capacity for eight people, to reason of 90 dollars the night for person, with breakfast, it digs for the beach and transfer. And if the demurrage is for two days and one night 
- Acquamarina 

It has five convertible double rooms in triples. Each room has executive refrigerator, musical atmosphere, I take a bath private, fans and nets. also has box of security in the reception and service of electronic mail and giant screen with projector. Also, the inn has a beautiful and wide terrace where they are organized fish parrilladas. offers greeting in the airport, transport of suitcases, breakfast, slight lunch in the beach, dinners and transfers to the beach. For more information: 

- Guaripete 

offers eight rooms with private bathroom, with simple decoration, internal patio and skylights. It is a very simple inn that tries to maintain the warmth of the light in their atmospheres. In Guaripete a package is also been that includes breakfast, lunch with it digs in the beach, transfers to the near beaches and it has dinner. The offer for two days and one night it is specified in 100 dollars. Nevertheless, they offer many combinations of the same plan, for it needs to communicate with Edigio and Tiziana Palmerini

- Sea hobbyhorse 

This is another of those places of welcoming atmosphere and very well care of Los Roques ones, highlights for the freshness of its decoration and for the natural light. Here a great bar receives to the companies; also has hammocks and a lot of fresh air. The offer arrives very well up to five rooms distributed; to the lodging for one night is added the breakfast and the dinner, with transfer to the beach, to conform the basic plan, to reason of 95 dollars. And for two days and one night, 150. It is assisted by their own owners, Margarita Pasquale and Steffano Palmerini who take charge of the services and the reservations 

- Snail 

This is another of the inns that you/they possess the virtue of being in front of the beach; there a wide patio receives the visitors who can rest or to eat in full sand. There are only four rooms, very well orderly, ventilated and with private bathroom. In this inn the atmosphere is of full tranquility. It is assisted by their own owners who take charge of all the details, until of the snorkeling teams and towels for the beach. They offer the complete pension for one night and two days

- The Corsaria 

This inn possesses 15 double rooms completely equipped with private bathroom, box of security and some with minibar. It has their own plant desalinizadora, detail that facilitates the demurrage. The prices per night oscillate between 60 and 75 dollars. can also have complete packages for one weekend or more: for it to consult the rates that vary as it is low or high season. And for few weeks this inn has the restaurant Kampai, located in its facilities, where you to enjoy Japanese food. 

- Reef 

Located to few meters of the landing hint, this inn has six double rooms, with DirecTV, VHS, phone service and box of security. The rates for two day and one night go from $150; this includes all the foods, personalized attention and I transfer to the keys. And to make simpler their transfer one can make contact with the line Aeroejecutivos, since this works jointly with the inn.  

- The Square, The Palms, Macabí, Vistalmar 

These are the inns of the company LTA Aereotuy, each one of them with an average of 10 rooms, perfectly equipped and conditioned with private bathrooms. And they offer the same services: the foods in the restaurant The Jetty, with view to the sea, walks in catamarán and the transfer to Los Roques ones with Aereotuy; the advantage of these packages is its low prices, which depend on the seasons and if it is weekend or among week, for it needs to call. 

- Mediterranean and Pez Ratón 

The first one offers six comfortable rooms with bathroom private and wide social areas. Asleep in the middle of center of the Great one is located, and very near there the inn is located it mates, Pez Ratón. Both offer all the foods and the transfers to the keys. And it stops who want to practice the sport fishing will come them very well to stay in Pez Ratón, exclusively dedicated for it. In these inns, two days and one night, with all the services

- Mrs. Carmen 

This is one of the oldest inns in Los Roques ones, their owners are roqueños with many years in the place. This simple inn, but very well conditioned, offers seven rooms with private bathroom. The rate of 20 thousand daily bolivars for person includes the foods. The place is on the beach and it is assisted by its own owners, Zoila Zambrano and its sister. If one wants to enjoy a very personal inn, of pleasing family atmosphere and especially to prove the own oriental food to base fish and marine fruits, this it is a good place. 

- My Memory 

Another of the inns whose owners are roqueños and they inhabit the place during the whole year. Here alone there are five rooms, very simple, with private bathroom. It is assisted by their owner, Mrs. Dismelia Rodríguez who doesn't doubt to highlight the family atmosphere of the place. The daily rate for person is of 20 thousand bolivars, and it includes the breakfast and the dinner. 

-the Norway lobster 

Located in full entrance to the Great one Asleep, it is identified by a great wall yellow ocher. Here has eight rooms with private bathroom and fan; all the foods and transfers are included to the beach; besides the awnings and you dig them prepared. In The Norway lobster: one night and two days

- Alejandra 

Very near the square Bolivar, of green and blue attractive colors, this inn offers to its guests four rooms with view to the sea. The delight of this place is its terrace, where the foods are usually served or to enjoy some drink. There two days and one night with the foods and the transfers to the near keys has  but these prices can vary according to the season and the requirements of the guests. 

- Aquarius 

It is located toward the lagoon. It is a very orderly, clean place, of very taken care and attractive decoration, has four rooms equipped with private bathroom, refrigerator, and TV by cable. The lodging rate ifor person per day; it also includes the breakfasts and the dinners. Their owner is even Nelson Ruiz who is always pending of his guests, help to negotiate other additional services. 

- Gremary 

The owners of this inn, Luisa and Gregorio, they offer to their guests 10 rooms with private, well ventilated bathroom. From their terrace one can enjoy a spectacular view toward the sea. The rates vary a lot, it depends on what the guest wants and of the season; the highest is of with the three foods and transfer to the near keys. 

- Sun and Moon 

Four small, very comfortable and simple rooms, with private bathroom. They have a welcoming terrace and all the services. The rate is of $55 for person per night, with breakfast and it has dinner 

- Tortoises 

Wide inn of eight rooms and great social area, especially the one dedicated to serve the foods. All the rooms have private bathroom. They offer breakfast and it has dinner, besides the transfers to the beach. for one night and two days with the complete service and the stocking pension is for  

- Watercolor 

With 15 rooms, wide social area, possesses a not very characteristic greenery for the area that prints him an oasis air to the decoration. This inn is one of the favorite ones for the visitors, and who doesn't stay there neither doubt in visiting her alone to know its tropical atmosphere and seductora. His host, Angelo Belvedere, is in charge of of all the details, from the foods, the transfers to the beach and the dinners. It has 15 rooms, with ventilation and private bathroom; there are them of diverse types, simple, bend, with two floors, wide and other welcoming ones with internal garden and open sky. To design their own package it is recommended to consult for the telephones: 0he rates also depend on the season of the year; however, it presents an average of 140 dollars, for that reason it suits to consult. 


This inn works under the concept of everything included. In their beautiful and fresh rooms has bathroom private and very good pleasure in the decoration. The design of the house belonged to the grateful architect Venezuelan Fruit you Live. Bequevé has its own plant desalinizadora, with a good reservation of sweet water and electric plant of emergency. It is located near the chapel and of the beach. And their plans include all the foods, national drinks and trips to different keys every day that you/they are much more far, but they are spectacular and more private as Noronquises and Crasquí, among others. There they have their own facilities to assist the guests. And if wants himself to enjoy other alternative activities as snorkeling, diving, velerismo, fishes, etc., in Bequevé they take charge of negotiating everything. You can even opt for plans special previous application. 

- Malibú 

This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful inns in Los Roques ones; the structure, the design and the decoration, rather all the details, were very well taken care by Antonella Cajozzo, their owner. There the white walls reign like contrast among the wide mark of roof open with view to the blue sky, among the internal gardens and the wooden beams of teak tree brought from Cojedes to settle in earth roqueña and to serve from support to this beautiful place. Their owners, Antonella, an architect, and Antonio, an expert in wines, they left their old Italy for this tropic piece and from there now invite to their coterráneos with a lot of frequency. The inn has 10 very wide, ventilated rooms and with private bathroom; there everything is perfect and located in the precise place, from the sheets until the soaps and the disposition of the lamps. Antonella never removes the eyes of its work. And if the plant of below, where the rooms are, it is spectacular, not less they are it their two terraces, where it is feasible to enjoy dinners outdoors, or of some veiled one private, prepared by José Manuel, young chef of the place. The rates oscillate between $130 and 150, depending on the season, and it includes the walks to the beach, the foods and the drinks. 

- Piano and Papaya 

The inn is located very near the beach and of the church. There there are five beautiful rooms and very fresh, with private bathroom. It is assisted by their owners, Lucía and Alejandro who have several plans to the measure of the necessities of their visitors: the plan full has a cost of $140 for person, it includes two days and one night, the additional one for $120; besides attendance in the airport, breakfasts, lunches in the beach and the succulent dinners with the help of fruits of the sea. Besides all the drinks, transfers to the near keys, you dig, parasols and seats. The plan mediates pension it contemplates $100 for person without the lunch and the transfers to the beach. And the bed to breakfast, is of $70, with single lodging and breakfast. The children smaller than 12 years have a discount of 30 percent and those smaller than three years they stay free. And to enjoy alternative activities as snorkeling, diving, fishes, ultraligero, windsurf, velerismo and kayacs, its hosts fix all the details. 

Lodging in sailing ships: 

- Bug 

This sailing ship possesses three double booths with bathrooms and a wide living room. And has capacity for eight people, besides the company. Two of the booths located toward the prow have private bathroom. And they offer inside their services, besides the lodging, walks for the most famous keys in Los Roques ones, as well as the foods and team for the snorkeling practice and other aquatic sports.

- Chaíto 

Michel is the owner of this sailing ship, in its company one will be able to enjoy a pleasing atmosphere and walks for the archipelago. On board there are four double booths, with bathroom and has a maximum capacity for six people. For more comfort of their companies they have plant desalinizadora, what guarantees the continuous supply of water, besides telephone and solar panels. Another of the included services is the walks in slight catamaranes. The rates depend on the season of the year.

- Get up 

This is a catamarán that offers complete packages that include: air transfer, the foods, skorkeling team and all the non alcoholic drinks; and on board they are assisted by stewardesses and sailors. The walks for the snorkeling practice are usually Crasquí or Noronquí. 

- Koala 

This cruise sailing ship has capacity on board for six people, with four booths and bathroom. There they offer diverse options to enjoy days of rest; from a full day until seasons of weekends or longer, as well as acondicionamiento for incentive trips or family plans. It is assisted by Amílcar, excellent host that always accompanies to their companies in all the veiled ones. The demurrage includes the walks, the foods and the drinks. The craft has communication teams and its own plant desalinizadora, details that guarantee the comfort of the demurrage and the security of the guests. 

- Spirit of Obsession 

Another option to choose is this sailing ship, equipped with radio, TV, team of CD, ventilation in the booths, wide social area, telephone, and a great platform to take the sun or to enjoy a barbecue in the middle of sea. On board also they will be able to get ready all the details for the practice of aquatic sports, as the diving, snorkeling and it veils. 

- Aldebaran 

This sailing Cutler 47 '' offers double cabins with private bathroom; and inside their services the transfers are included to diverse islands of the area, one different every day and option to the practice of the sport fishing. Their hosts facilitate the administrations for the diving, walks in ultraliviano, among other additional attractions. To consult prices and packages with everything included 

- Houat 

A building expert of ships, marine teacher and operator of commercial crafts is as captain of this craft with more than 40 thousand navigated miles, during 20 years of work; this is Jorge Delfino who with this experience to hill assists their guests with the most proven security. Inside their services it includes the walks to the keys, the foods with fish of the season, drinks and their careful attention. 

- Muraki 

This sailing ship can harbor six people in private cabins and with bathroom. They offer walks for the keys, the foods and the drinks. It is assisted by their owner, for who is a pleasure to share with their guests; and also takes charge of preparing other alternative services as diving, fishes and snorkeling. 
- Sula-Sula 

Fernando of Aparicio is in charge of the sailing ship. This impeccable craft spends the night in Francisquí and receives guests during the whole year, to those who offer packages with everything included, besides the option of the full day; to consult the daily plans and packages 


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